It was so great to be in the audience at the Festival Hall this week for Steve Earles new tour with The Dukes. He was on fine form and he played a really generous set of around thirty songs, many of them from his new Blues album 'Terraplane'.


I so admire him as a songwriter and although Steve doesn’t know this , he and I go back a long way; with me playing dodgy fiddle in the background to him playing Copperhead Road on Youtube with the volume turned way up high. ( so you can’t hear the fiddle too well) It’s the best thing for getting yourself out of a bad mood that I know.

Anyway ‘live’ he didn’t disappoint either and he and the band were really very together although occasionally the dynamics could have been better. So sound engineers....are you listening?

The most magical moment for me was hearing Steve play ‘ Goodbye’ just guitar and voice. What a song....and his vocals were so passionate.

But... most excitingly I think I’ve found a brand new song to play along to with Steve it’s called ‘Mississippi , it’s Time’. It’s his first digital download single, and it’s a strong attack on the fact that the Confederate flag still flies in Mississippi...and there’s a great fiddle break. So...sorry neighbours...but it's time!

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