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As an independent producer for BBC Radio 2 Megg has written and produced music documentaries.

Megg set up NO LIMIT PRODUCTIONS as a one man band audio-production company to do commissioned production music, special recording projects, voice-overs and talking books.

When Independent Radio production really took off she was well placed to tender for radio programes and as a freelance producer for BBC RADIO TWO she has written and produced two music documentaries so far. One called BUBBLEGUM looking at the teeny bop pop music of the seventies and another ARE WE DOWNHEARTED NO! looking at the life of WARTON DAVID and his son who were both hit songwriters in the early years of the twentieth century. (Mickey, who was Warton’s son that you can see in the photo below had a big hit with a song called Felix Kept on Walking).

NO LIMITS also became known for doing high quality audio show reels and their services were in demand from HOBSONS and LIPSERVICE in particular. At the present time she is currently in development with other projects for BBC RADIO 4.

She has also co-produced with JOHN FAULKNER two musicals at the Edinbugh Festivals under the banner KUMQUAT THEATRE PRODUCTIONS , a review CITY LIGHTS and I’M GETTING MY ACT TOGETHER AND TAKING ON THE ROAD with Broadway star and writer GRETCHEN CRYER resulting in a tour as a co-producer of COWARDY CUSTARD with the SWEDISH NATIONAL THEATRE.


megg nicol mickey david bubblegum and cowardy custard

lft productionsIn 2018 Megg joined LFT Productions as creative director tasked with the job of delivering the LITTLE FIR TREE PROJECT. This was an exciting initiative that links the Arts and the Environment with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of trees in our cities, complimenting the Woodland Trusts inner city tree planting strategy, and cutting down pollution in and near our schools.

At the heart of it is a new family musical called LITTLE FIR TREE based on the Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale The Little Fir Tree, re-imagined by Megg Nicol & David Stoll which was premiered in London as part of the 2018 Christmas celebrations.

Coinciding with there was also a launch of a ten-week environmental project with workshops for primary schoolchildren supported by the WOODLAND TRUST.


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