...Only three weeks till the 'Drummer Boy of Waterloo'

In three weeks our show ‘The Drummer Boy of Waterloo’ premieres in Aldeburgh with Jubilee Opera, at the Jubilee Hall and I have to say I am beginning to feel very excited...

Its actually the weekend of November 7th and 8th.

 Its always very disconcerting to hand over your work to someone else but in the hands of the Producer Jenni-Wake Walker, who has done this many times there is the warm feeling of knowing that ‘our baby’ is in safe hands.

Occassionally, there’s been tweets from Lucy Bradley the director to say what the cast is currently doing; she’s even tweeted a picture from rehearsals. This news has been very welcome since David Stoll and myself won’t have seen or heard anything of it until we go to Aldeburgh just a few days before the opera opens. Exciting or what!!

By absolute chance the show will be playing on Rememberance Sunday. Considering that the opera was written to coincide with the bi-centenary of The Battele of Waterloo it seems like a fitting time to reflect on our historic past and pay our respects through music and song.

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