Apologies for the huge gap in newsy blogs. I so wanted to post one but I couldn’t write about the very thing I wanted to talk about because I was sworn to secrecy till now.

Here goes…

Since just before Christmas I’ve actually been squirrelled away writing a libretto for a new Opera called The Quest commissioned by London Youth Opera, for their 2024 production in December… very exciting!

I met the composer Nathan Williamson when he was in the orchestra of The Drummer Boy of Waterloo, the opera I co-wrote with David Stoll and premiered with Jubilee Opera in Aldeburgh . Happily, Nathan had remembered me and he got in touch to say that he had his synopsis of The Quest accepted for a commission with LYO and would I consider writing the libretto.

Of course the answer was… yes please!

For those of you unfamiliar with what writing a libretto entails, basically you are given a synopsis of the idea and the librettist writes the storyline, characters, and lyrics to all the songs and sung dialogue (recitative)… then it’s over to Nathan to compose the score.

If I just made it sound easy… believe me it isn’t ! But the process is so enjoyable and fulfilling and I absolutely love it!!

Below is a photo of the awesome performances of PANDORA'S BOX last December at London Youth Opera. The cast were really impressive, so talented, and they totally inspired my thinking when I was writing the libretto.


the quest

Here’s what London Youth Opera has just announced:

Not resting on last year's laurels, we are now excited to announce the 2024 commission:

The Quest - this time we are reaching for the moon!

Stan and Gretchen, the chosen two, joins a group of brilliant young scientists who believes they are on the cusp of solving the world’s environmental problems and saving the planet.

Will they stick to their quest and fulfil their promise to humanity, or will they have their heads turned by the fame and fortune offered to them by the alluring but corrupt politicians?

Inspired by Auden and Isherwood, this opera depicts a group of young people who, against a backdrop of social media, fake news and malign political influences, has to make a choice between power, fame and personal fortune or true friendships, integrity, and working for the greater good.

Their QUEST could change the world…

Music is by composer Nathan Williamson and libretto by singer-songwriter Megg Nicol. Together, they are a dynamic duo, who are excited to create their first commission for the company.’

Do watch this space… because there’s lots more to come and I can’t wait!

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