Video from the World Premiere with Jubilee Opera

We put together these clips from the video of the World Premiere of The Drummer Boy of Waterloo staged in Aldeburgh by Jubilee Opera in November 2015. It was actually filmed for archive purposes, however we hope that we’ve managed to captured some of the magic that was created on stage in this short promo.


This is what Martyn Harrison of  Seen and Heard International’ said when he reviewed the show.

The overall enthusiasm of all involved was apparent and certainly fulfilled the company remit to bring good quality performance opportunities to young people”

David Stoll and I thought that the children worked really hard and their concentration had to be excellent in order to follow both Lucy Bradleys direction, listen to the orchestra in the pit and watch conductor Lee Reynolds baton.

He then went on to say:

“The music of Nicol and Stoll was easy on the ear and very evocative of the action”

We were very pleased that he enjoyed the music and we liked his next comment,

“Happily, the score has been taken by Novello & Co Ltd. and so both young performers & audiences across the country may soon have a chance to see The Drummer Boy of Waterloo”

Well,  I second that thought and I hope you enjoy the clip.


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