Street Cat Bob Street Cat Bob

It’s amazing to hear the music in central London in December when you go into the underground or out to do the Christmas shopping’s a real treat.  So I’m reminding everyone to go out with a pocket full of change to share amongst the many buskers.


It always takes lots of courage to face the public to sing and play music, so saying thank-you is the very least we can do I reckon.

Personally the best spot I’ve ever ‘busked’ (well actually it was carol singing at Highbury and Islington tube Station) was with Cantatae a ladies Acappella choir run by Sue Harris. The acoustics there are just fantastic and they compliment every note.

In an hour we took more than one hundred pounds for charity and also got another gig for an office party at the same time.

The point is playing music in the street has it’s own personal rewards and connecting directly with the public can be one of them. Look how everyone responded to Islington’s own Street Cat Bob...not to mention this year’s Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine.  He started out busking in Paris.

Just getting out there and ‘Singing out loud’.... feels so freeing. If you haven’t done it ...try it!

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