I’ve just re-surfaced after a week of intense nervous excitement from rehearsals in Aldeburgh that led up to the first night of  ‘The Drummer Boy of Waterloo’ our opera that premiered at Jubilee Hall last weekend. That is the same hall that Benjamin Britten premiered his work..... so no pressure then.


I might as well warn you now I am going to chatter on a bit because although it was nerve wracking  in all sorts of ways it was an experience that I wouldn’t have missed for the world..... and I want to hold on to it in my mind for at least a few weeks anyway.

I’ve worked out that I would have felt less nervous if I’d been performing the opera instead of watching it. However, as the writers David Stoll and I felt very responsible for what everyone was experiencing on stage. All the tricky harmony lines, the high notes, working the big machines in a Northern Mill, dodging canon fire on the battle field ... yep all down to us.

What must be stated at this point is that the children of Jubilee Opera were quite fabulous. Some relished the chance to be on stage and show off while others were less confident but as you will see from the first newspaper review they did a splendid job and we were so happy with the result.

Getting the show ‘on’ is a peak moment for any writer. It feels so emotional to see your ‘baby’ being given a chance to take it’s first steps off the page and onto the stage. Usually thanks to someone with vision who believed that the world might just enjoy seeing it come alive....... So thank-you so much for believing :-)

Read the first newspaper review here

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